Welcome to Brandella Films, LLC — West Michigan’s leading indie film production company. Learn about our current and past efforts, meet our cast and crew and enjoy our multimedia presentations — all of which were created by talent native to our West Michigan community!


About Brandella Films

Brandella Films LLC was formed by local freelancer and screenwriter Jim Idema in the spring of 2008 in response to Hollywood’s apparent lack of interest in the talent West Michigan has to offer. Within our ranks we have experienced screenwriters, crew members and even access to talent that we believe will tell stories that rival anything Hollywood puts out; and because we’re in Michigan, there’s a chance it will be for a fraction of the price. Because we’re also an indie, we’re not bogged down by Hollywood politics, giving us the creative freedom to make films people actually want to see.

I Wish

A story about a man who suddenly finds that he can make all of his wishes come true.